FAQ's - Frequantly Asked Questions...

This segment is here to help clarify a portion of the business phrasing, mistaken assumptions, realities, inquiries and much of the time posed inquiries. We will attempt to answers the new realities or questions raised by increasing visit of our website. We have already addressed many of the questions and will be addressing more as soon as they are raised.

Q1: How do I make booking of one of your Jaipur escorts?

A: The spot booking is possible by directly calling the number in our website. We also check up our WhatsApp and mails regularly. You can message us through WhatsApp messaging or mailing system. In case you have an urgent requirement we encourage you to call us. If you have an inclination for a particular escort girl, you can pay 50% advance to confirm the booking well in advance too. We accept booking at least 7 days prior to the actual date.

Q2: How much advance notice is required to book a Jaipur female escort?

A: Once you confirm your booking the service of the escort is available within 60 minutes. The 60 minutes service time is applicable to escorts pool, who are available with us at that point of time. The specialized category escort girls like airhostesses, celebrity and models require 1 day to 3 days advance booking.

Q3: What is the time frame for short, long and overnight service?

A: The duration of short service is typically 2 hours, long service is 4 hours. Overnight service is for 8 hours generally from 10 PM to 6 AM

Q4: What is outcall service and incall service?

A: When you avail the service of the Jaipur escort girl at your place, it is called outcall. When you visit our place, typically in a service apartment is called incall.

Q5: Is incall is safe? Can I book for an overnight incall?

A: We provide incall services in full furnished service apartments located in upscale posh localities. Our incall service apartment has all the facilities like nice bed, air conditioner, TV, refrigerator and even an attendant. You can comfortably spend your night in our place with all kind of modern amenities. Our incall place is completely safe with respect to your personal safety or any other things.

Q6: What personal details are required for booking an escort service in Jaipur?

A: If you are visiting our place we only require your name and contact no. If you want to take service in your home we need your complete address along with name and contact no. if the escort is visiting your hotel, we need your full name along with landline number, hotel suite or room number and telephone extension number. If any visiting pass required for the escort girl to visit your society or apartment or hotel room, it is to be arranged by you well in advance. If there is a time delay in arranging pass, that will be adjusted from the visiting time.

Q7: What is the payment method? Can I pay by credit card or through online payment? Do you accept any other currency like USD or Euro as payment?

A: You need to do the full payment by cash before taking service. Credit card is not accepted but online payment is possible in our account. In case you wish to make an online payment, the whole amount must be credited to our given account before taking service. Yes, we accept other currency too, like USD or Euro. Also we accept the currency of most of the Asian countries and Gulf countries. The amount will be calculated on the basis of exchange rate on that particular date plus 100000/- LBP as an exchange fee.

Q8: What happens if I cancel my booking for some unforeseen reason? Can I get back my booking amount back in case of cancellation?

A: If you cancel a booking after the Jaipur girl escort reached your place, you need to pay 50% of the fees as a cancellation amount. If you want to cancel a booking for which you have already paid, no refund in given. But if you cancel the booking well in advance, 24 hours or so you get the opportunity to take the services on a new date, provided the escort is free for booking. We do not charge any cancellation fee if a confirmed booking is post pond well in advance.

Q9: I have visited the gallery section of your website. The faces of the girls are blurred. How do I get the un-blurred pictures of female escorts of Jaipur?

A: The Lebanese society culture has not been developed like other Asian, European or American countries. Here being in an escort professional is a big social taboo and no one accepts a female escort in the society. Since most of our escort girls in Jaipur are college girls, housewives, or a reputed lady from an established industry we cannot publish their un-blurred photos in the website. But once you have chosen a particular girl you can ask for the real pictures. We send you out the genuine pictures by WhatsApp or mail. Believe us, none of the girls listed in our escorts agency website are fake.

Q10: What if I find the lady you have sent is not the same as that of the pictures sent?

A: In 99.9% cases this cannot happen. We ensure a double verification process so that this kind of blunders does not happen. In case of incall it cannot happen at all as you select the girl after physical verification only. Only in a rare chance due to manual mistake it can happen to an outcall escorts service. But in case it happens to be true you can send back the escort girl instantly. Neither any payment nor any question is asked. Most of our Jaipur clients are our esteemed regular customer, so we do not have the relaxation to commit mistakes.
Hope that we have covered most of the queries coming to you mind with regards to escort service in Jaipur. If you have any question which have not been covered in the above section feel free to ask us. We will be happy to reply you.

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